The Junction's management make every effort to make the venue as dog friendly as possible but please keep an eye on your dog at all times as the event team cannot take responsibility of care for pets at this event. We ask that dogs are kept on the lead and that all dogs are taken for a short walk prior to the event so that they can take care of business.  If they poop or pee inside the bar, please take responsibility for the mess and & we will have supplies ready - poop bags/pads/cleaning equipment, please just ask a member of the bar team or the event staff.

Please make sure that doggie fancy dress is safe and comfortable for them and not restrictive to your dog's natural movements.

We will give out treats at the event. If you wouldn’t like your dog fed anything or has any allergies, please let us know and keep him/her with you. There will be water bowls dotted around for your dogs. The event will be in the indoor bar at The Junction but there is also the outdoor beer garden.

If your dog is aggressive or ruining the enjoyment of other participants, we reserve the right to ask you to leave.

The junction will be keeping the restaurant area dog free but the dogs will have the use of the bar area.

Please DO NOT bring your dog along if they are: In season, aggressive towards other dogs or people, very nervous in crowds, not up to date with vaccinations or don’t like to be social.

We welcome all dogs, but please use common sense, if your dog isn’t going to enjoy our event, then it may be best not to bring them along!

There might be at anyone time about 40 dogs in the bar -a large number. Most owners are there to chat, share their pets with people who are interested and have a good time so please feel free to mingle, share tables with the doggie owners and enjoy the day! We ask for all regular humans attending our event to please ask dog owners before petting or otherwise interacting with the doggies - most owners will be happy to let you interact with their pets, but best to ask first. We also ask that should you feel the desire to share any food/treats we give out with any dogs, please ask the owner first.



When arriving at the bar, the event team will tick you off of our list outside the venue, we ask everyone to form a queue outside the venue if the bar is at maximum capacity and it will be one in one out. It would be a great idea to bring along your ticket in any form (email/screenshot/paper/eaten by dog) but we have all the details on our side so all you really need is yourself and to give us your name.

Inside the event there is Santa Paws who you, your dog and children can have your photo taken with him. 

Our photographer will be about on the day photographing all the dogs in costume. Please just ask the photographer if you would like a photo taken and they will be happy to oblige, all photos (minus blurry ones!) taken at our event go up on our Facebook Page soon after the event and are free for your use, you must like Fur Family Pet's Facebook page to be able to Tag the photos. If you would not like your photo/video taken please let us know beforehand or when entering the venue.

We plan to post a photo on Fur Family Pets’ Facebook page and email a photo of the best dressed dog on Sunday 22nd December, please get in touch to confirm it is your dog and claim your prize of a meal for two with bubbly at the Junction!

The bar is spacious with tables and chairs around the edges, good lighting. There are two doors that are wheel, airy and light leading to a wonderful day of doggies. The Junction is fully wheelchair accessible, offer drinks and gluten free/vegan food options.  Please email or send us a message on Facebook if you have specific needs.

We hope to post on social media please share and tag us in the photos you take on Facebook #pupupthejunction and #furfamilypetsparty, on Instagram @furfamilypetsUK or Twitter @furfamilypetsUK and we’ll be sure to share the best ones!


Free on road parking outside Grove Park on Harborne Park Road (5 walk) or pay and display in the M&S car park also on street parking is free but limited. Please do not park in Waitrose car park - there is a time limit of only 90mins.




The 21, 22, 23, 29 and 103 buses stop right outside the pub.



Please use common sense or contact a member of the event team or the venue staff if there are any emergencies, we have the phone number of  a good local vet just in case and Helena from Fur Family Pets is trained in emergency pet first aid. There are human first aiders on the team.