6' Chartwell Single Hutch

  • Thick 1.6mm - 16 Gauge Fox Proof wire mesh

  • Thick 10MM Construction Grade WBP Ply Wood Floors

  • Deeper and Higher other hutches on the market

  • Robust 10MM timber side panel and sleeping door construction

  • Designed and Manufactured right here in the UK


  • Approx. Overall  6ft x 2ft x 2ft

  • Hutch Foot Print: 1755mm x 600mm

  • Exterior Roof Overhang: 1800mm x 655mm

  • Interior Floor Space 1700mm x 560mm

  • Sleeping Area: 560mm x 560mm

  • Front of Hutch Interior Height: 570mm

  • Rear of Hutch Interior: 530mm

  • Exterior Legs: 100mm

  • Step up from ground to the first floor: 220mm

13 Harborne Park Road

Birmingham B17 0DE

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we are wheelchair accessible

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