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Feedback and Complaints:

Please let us know when there is a problem. We are committed to resolving any complaints in an appropriate, fair and timely way. 

We sorry if you’re unhappy with anything to do with the shop, the pet services, the pet rescue or staff.


If you do have a complaint, please let us know so that we can try and help. 

We take complaints seriously and will be in touch during our opening hours within 7 days once you’ve told us your concern. 

If you make a complaint, we will treat you with respect and we expect you to treat us in the same way. 

You must be 16 years old or older to submit a formal complaint. If you are under 16 then a parent or guardian must instead contact us about the issue.

Formal Complaint Form:

Success! Message sent.

You can share your views with us by using the above form, emailing or write to: Helena Dobbie, Fur Family Pets, 13 Harborne Park Road, Birmingham B17 0DE.

If you cannot make your complaint in writing, please leave your name and phone number at the counter or reach us by phone on: 0121 792 3601 and the business owner will contact you during our opening hours within 7 days to go though the issue with you. 

If not using the formal complains form above please be sure to give us the same facts we need in as much detail as you can, as clearly as possible. In particular, please tell us: 

1. What happened;

2. The date when it happened; 

3. Who you dealt with; 

4. What the issue is

5. What you would like us to do to address your complaint. 

We aim to resolve your complaint within 30 days of receiving it:

1. If we have been able to resolve the complaint within that time, we shall include details of this and shall treat the matter as closed. 

2. If a complaint requires further investigation to be completed and will take longer than 30 days, we will acknowledge receipt of your complaint and set out what the next steps are and the time frame in order to reach a final decision.


3. In the unlikely event of the issue not being resolved within 8 weeks or an impasse has been reached, we will let you know in writing.

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