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Dog Walks

Week day group walks avaible

We walk dogs in pairs, three's or fours where they can socialise, play, sniff, exercise and get the mental simulation they need to brighten their day while you are out. 

All dogs must be up to date with their vaccinations, worming and de-fleaing 

Pet Services 


We care for your pets as if they were our own and you can save your cats and dogs the stress of going into a cattery or kennel and instead they can be cared for in the comfort of their familiar surroundings.  

We are pet first aid trained, DBS cleared, animal management qualified, fully insured and experienced with dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, mice, rats, budgies, larger parrots and reptiles.

Pet Boarding

This is where your animals come to us. We can care for and accommodate:

Dogs in a home environment fully licenced with Birmingham City Council LN/000004953. We arrange a trial walk ahead of your first booking to get to know your dog and an overnight trial is needed before any holidays longer than 3 days can be booked.

Rabbits housed in large pens or short stay 6 foot hutches.

Guinea pigs in one of our indoor hutches (4 foot to 6 foot) or pens for groups from the same home.

Hamsters , gerbils, mice, rats and other small animals in your cage or one of ours.

Budgies and other caged birds in your cage or one of ours.

Reptiles in your vivarium with heat source.

Pet Sitting

This is we come to you and look after your animals in your own home.  We either arrange a home visit once or twice a day to look after pets. This works well for cats, chickens and/or small pets. Typically this would include:

Cats - visual health checks, feeding, fresh water, litter tray spot cleaning, clean up of any accidents on carpet/floors, giving fuss, treats and medications as per your instructions. Deep clean of litter tray if you are away for longer.


Dogs - company, supervision, play time, giving fuss, walks, poop scooping (bags included), visual health checks, feeding, fresh water, walking, medications & reinforcing cue words.

Rabbits - visual health checks, feeding, fresh water, litter trays cleaned out every 2-3 days, full clean out every 7 days.

We also house sit. This is a good option if you have a lot of pets / several big dogs 

Home Boarding & Doggie Daycare

Helena can only take dogs for doggie day care or home boarding if she has previously walked them. If you are new customer, please get in touch to book in for a trial walk from your home ahead of your first booking. 

Home boarding and daytime dog care is available for up to 3 dogs Monday to Friday, meeting all your dogs care needs in an home environment.

Pets are fully supervised and their day not only includes walks but play sessions too and you receive photo updates on your pet.

Helena is fully insured and licenced at her home with Birmingham City Council Licence Number: LN/000004953

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