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We are currently full and cannot take in any more animals at this time

Do You Have A Pet To Rehome?

Please get in touch if you can no longer keep your pet & need them safely rehomed. 


We must first arrange for you to bring your pet to us / for us to collect. To ensure the very best care of our animals, we can only accept animals if we have a space available for them.

There is a surrender form for you to complete before we can accept your pet. This is where you totally relinquish ownership of the pet and we take responsibility for them, from then on. This when we become the new owner of that animal and will work to rehome them.

We abide by General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and will never share personal or identifiable information about adoptions or the people involved nor can we provide previous owners with updates. We do this protect the privacy of all parties involved.


Once surrendered:


  • We check all microchips with our vet within 24hrs and the registered keeper is contacted as needed.

  • We health check the animal.

  • We check local lost and stolen forums. 

  • We create a care plan for the animal and they are quarantined while their behaviour is assessed so can be socialised according to their needs and before they can be adopted.

  • We work with charities and local groups to rehome companion animals.


After surrendering the pet to us, if you change your mind you must apply to adopt the pet from us, be home checked and pay the adoption fee. We have the right to refuse adoption if in our opinion all of the animal's welfare needs will not be satisfactorily met. Our top priority is the welfare of the animal.

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